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Tour To Niagara Falls recommends the following tours designed to enhance your experience at the Falls:

Daily Tour
10.0 Superb
Book Now Take a day trip to the Niagara Falls Region…
Daily Tour
Book Now Take a day trip to the Niagara Region to…
Daily Tour
10.0 Superb
Book Now Experience the best of Niagara Falls. This tour departs…
Daily Tour
10.0 Superb
Book Now Experience a tour to Niagara Falls with breath-taking views…
Private Tour
10.0 Superb
Book Now Spend the day exploring Niagara Falls and the surrounding…
Private Tour
Book Now Spend the day exploring Niagara Falls and the surrounding…

Welcome to
Tour to Niagara Falls

Longing for a memorable breathtaking adventure?

Experience the alluring sights of Niagara Falls now with your ultimate Tour to Niagara Falls guide.

Indulge in the beautiful scenery surrounding the Niagara Falls with a tour that reflects your exotic spirit and adventurous mind.

Tours to Niagara Falls offers

Pack your bags and prepare to discover a new authentic dimension of a Niagara Falls Tour.

why choose us

★ Experience our tour difference. Upgraded meals, attraction line by-pass. Flexible and private travel options.
★ The tour guides and staff at Tour to Niagara Falls have one simple goal in mind. To provide the best tour experience while making life long memories.
★ Hotel Pickup And Drop Off
★Luxury Cars, Outlets, Wifi
★ Ice Wine Tasting Included
★ Free Bottled Water.
★ Access To Attractions
★ Attraction Line By-pass
★ Licensed Tour Guides
★ Safety Award Winning Drivers
★ Niagara Parks Licenced

Why Choose Our Tours!


We Offer daily tours to Niagara Falls regardless of group size or season. Last minute bookings are welcome

Custom Itineraries

We respect your freedom of choice of the Itinerary and will not restrict you to choose our way.

Best price guarantee

Get the best prices in the Niagara region and at the same time, we guarantee you a wonderful friendly service.

Add ons

Package options available with priority lunch and dinner seating. Line By-pass services are also available, choose the package that is best for you.

Helicopter Views

Get the up-close experience of Niagara on the Hornblower Niagara Cruise with a line by-pass. Get a birds eye Helicopter View of Niagara Falls with us at affordable prices.

Tour Guides

All of our tour guides are Certified and licensed by the Niagara Parks Commission, friendly and knowledgeable.

Epic journeys

We make your journey epic by adding a factor of fun by various new and exciting surprises coming all the way.

Just A Call Away

We are just a call away for all your travel related queries, you can ask us your queries anytime with our Toll-Free Number.


Niagara Falls Day Tour From Toronto

★ Depart Toronto at 9:00am with hotel pick ups prior and head towards Niagara Falls. Along the way your tour guide will keep you entertained with facts and history of Canada. There will be beautiful scenery and glimpse of Lake Ontario, the Niagara Escarpment and the Welland Canal.

★ Upon arrival in Niagara Falls, be amazed at the first glimpse of the falls. Your tour guide will escort you to a scenic vantage where you can get an unparalleled look at the 3 thundering shoots. Enjoy time for self exploration to get up close and experience the magnificence of the thunder of the waters. *The most popular attraction is the Hornblower Niagara Cruise.

★ The Niagara Parkway is one of the most spectacular drives leading from Niagara Falls to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Just ask Sir Winston Churchill, he names the Niagara Parkway one of the prettiest Sunday Drives. Stop at the Whirlpool Rapids, See landmark sites like the Floral Clock, Sir Adam Beck Power Generating Stations, Queenston Heights the Mackenzie Printery and Newspaper Museum, Fort George National Historic Site.

★ Arrive in once one was the first capital of Upper Canada. Explore the rich heritage, browse the quaint shops, or walk along to the water’s edge to see the Niagara River, which acts as a border between Canada and the USA leading out into Lake Ontario.

★ No Tour to the Niagara Region would be complete without a wine sampling. Finish the day off with a presentation and sampling of some of Ontario’s award-winning wines. This includes a Red, White, and Ice Wine Tasting.

★ We offer complimentary pickup and drop off from most downtown locations, and tour options to suit every budget.

Sightseeing Tours Niagara Falls

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One of a kind tour:

When we say it’s a one of a kind tour, we mean it! Through a carefully well-planned, trip we provide you with more than what you could expect. Ranging from a wide range of Niagara Falls tour packages to the bus pick- up points, bus tours, freshly prepared meals, flexible travel options, and Niagara Falls boat tours.

In addition to enjoying endless Niagara Falls sightseeing tours, we have planned an exciting set of activities and must-see locations that give your day trip to Niagara Falls a memorable touch.

So what are you waiting for? zip up those bags, tag along with your loved ones, and prepare to book a unique Niagara Falls tour with exclusive deals tailored specifically to meet your needs.

tours to niagara falls

Licensed Tour to Guides:

With Tour to Niagara Falls, prepare to bring your next Niagara tour to life. Being provided with helpful, witty, approachable and professionally trained tour guides, you’ll feel that extra zing of passion when you’re being told the history of this fascinating place. Feel free to pop any questions you have Our tour guides are very helpful and will provide you with all the information you’re missing.

Niagara Parks License:

When you thought your Niagara Falls Canada tour was over, you were wrong. Anyone touring Niagara Falls should leave no stone unturned, and what better way could you top off your Niagara Falls trip than by spending an unforgettable day at Niagara Parks. Tour to Niagara Falls provides you with licensed access to the Niagara Park, so you can enjoy a long memorable day filled with joy and long life memories.

Access to Attractions:

Whether you choose our Day Trip to Niagara Falls package, Niagara Falls Canada boat tour, relish in our private tour from Toronto to Niagara Falls or enjoy our Niagara Bus tours, you’ll explore every majestic corner and the historical background of Niagara Falls without any struggle. With accessible bus rides and friendly crew members, your sightseeing tour won’t get any easier!

Safety Award- Winning Drivers:

Your journey begins the moment you begin your Niagara bus tour. Plug in your headphones, lay back, and get lost in a world of your own while breathing in the magical charm from your window view. Along with professionally trained bus drivers, you no longer have to feel any discomfort when it comes to long bus rides, you will feel at ease and enjoy every minute of the clock passing by

Hotel Pickup and Drop Off :

With Tour to Niagara Falls, your trip couldn’t get any easier. With flexible Pick up and drop off options, you no longer have to carry the weight of your transportation methods.

Whether the Niagara Falls tours begin from Toronto or from Niagara Falls, both bus tours from Toronto and bus tours from Niagara Fall to Toronto are available. Nevertheless, the options don’t end there, Niagara Falls Tours is your right-hand guide. So, wherever you are, we’ll always be a step closer to you.

Tour Bus From Toronto

Friendly Assistants and Crew members:

Forget about the old boring ways of following your tour guide around. With Tour to Niagara Falls, you’ll enjoy the company while enjoying your tour. With an innovative and witty guide, you’ll be assisted throughout your Niagara Falls trip to take joy in every second of your Niagara Falls tour and make meaningful everlasting memories.

Did someone just say “Ice Wine tasting”?

YES! You heard it right. What better way could you possibly end a long day of Niagara bus tours and Niagara Falls cruise, than a chilled evening with an Ice cold frosty glass of Wine that compliments your taste buds.

Call Us Now To Book One Of Your Tour (1-877-238-9429)

Luxury Cars, Outlets, and Wifi:


When you thought your Tour to Niagara Falls couldn’t get any better, prepare to be dazzled! Bask in a Tour that gives you more than what you expect. Not only does Tour To Niagara Falls provide you with transportation, but it also keeps it in style.


Eye-catching vehicles


Accommodating you with eye-catching vehicles that turn heads, WOW you and the people accompanying you, and give your Tour to Niagara Falls that fancy touch your ordinary trip would be missing.


Variety of outlets to choose from


It doesn’t end here, more is yet to come. With a wide variety of outlets to choose from, get your hands on those unique memorabilia that’ll give you the memorable foreign scent, that’ll recall the unforgettable memories you’ve made touring Niagara Falls.


Keeping in mind, your memories will be shared the moment you live them. With Tour To Niagara Falls, you’ll stay connected through a Wifi connection that keeps you and your loved ones always updated.

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